What type of porn movies do women watch?

Typically, when people think of people who watch pornography, they imagine men are the only ones doing it. That’s because the majority of folks think that adult content is only popular with males. However, recent studies and statistics by one of the world’s most visited porn site, shows otherwise. All of them point to something most people didn’t think was true; that women enjoy watching porn. And they like it just as much as men do. In addition, females like to watch their porno all by themselves in most cases. With all of the information available, it is easier to find out exactly what type of porn movies females look at. The findings will leave many people wondering about the porn viewing habits of women. Each category is ranked by the most popular all the day down. So the following list can be looked at as a top ten type of compilation.


– The lesbian category was the most viewed for females. While many may think that only gay women like girl-on-girl porn, that is not true. Stats show that heterosexual women, enjoy lesbian porn videos as much as anyone. Men may feel bad about the fact women like to watch other women have sex. Surveys show that females enjoy lesbian porn a lot more than male smut. Interestingly enough, when it came to looking at lesbian porn videos, there were several Google and other searches that stood out. For instance, “hardcore pussy licking” and “lesbian scissoring” were top searches by females. Both genres scored very high with girls who enjoy looking at pornography.


A large majority of men, dream of having anal sex with women. Perhaps this may explain why so many girls looked at anal porn videos. Whether it was to see how it felt or if the girls enjoyed it, is unknown. What is obvious is that females like to see other girls taking it up their butts.


Looking at pornographic images of teen girls is something most expect of men. That’s because for decades, the teen category has been and still is one of the most popular with males. However, recent data shows that women also like to look at images and videos of teens engaged in sexual acts.


Checking out black men having sex with other women is faved among females. They enjoy looking at interracial porn videos in many cases. Girls it seems, have a thing for men with huge cocks. Since the general consensus is that black men have larger penises, it’s understandable why ebony porn is so popular with women. Still, tons of the ebony porn females checked out had to do with lesbian situations as well.


No one expected that mature women porn or MILFs would make it on the list as one of the most watched female categories. But that is exactly what data shows as girls seem to enjoy hot and sexy images of MILFs. Clearly, this proves that everyone wants to fuc* a MILF just like the acronym says.


Yes, there’s a porn category which is called squirt. And yes, women enjoy looking at it as well as males do. Squirt porn videos refer to women who let out liquids from their vaginas. It could be semen or something else. Regardless of what it is, the girls in the squirt porn videos, let it all out; literally.

Big Dic*

Size does matter to women it appears as the keyword and genre ‘big dic*’ proves. Millions of women spent hours looking at porno movies showing men with big penises banging other women. That explains why interracial porn videos are also very popular. These usually show a black man, having sex with a white, Japanese, Latina or woman from another race.


The hentai category is a favorite among teens and young male adults. Women also prefer this genre as it made it among one of the top ten for them. Additionally, Japanese and Chinese females enjoy hentai porn more than any other. Women also like looking at Arab, gay (male), for women porn, threesome and big tits pornography. Those entries rounded up the top most viewed genres in porno for females.