What do women want in a sexual partner?

What do women want in a sexual partner?

Sex is the ultimate core of intimate happiness that no amount of money can buy. It is pleasure in the barest form, and if you know how to exactly make your partner lose control in the act of sex, then you both can reap the rewards in that excruciatingly fulfilling orgasm. Sex is not only physically satisfying, but it is also scientifically proven to help reduce depression and anxiety, lower’s blood pressure, improves bladder control, regulates the immune system, and many more benefits. Sex is also a form of exercise, and a favorite pastime for a lot of people. Sex has been around since the creation of time, but due to the conservative beginnings, women tend to be more reserved in bed, shy in their wants for pleasure, and scared to try and start new sexual things with their partners.

Ideal sexual partners for women

Women have wants and needs in bed that are often not granted, mostly to the lack of communication. Women are naturally shy in telling their sexual partner what pleasures them the most, leaving men to do their thing, and sad to say, end up faking orgasm at the end. It is a fact that women fake orgasms to assuage the guy that they are good in bed. For some reason, women have the instinct to protect their men from the insulting fact that they were not satisfied. However, truth be told, women fake orgasm because they fear that in not reaching one, the men will think that there is something wrong with them sexually. Women need certain types of men in their lives for sexual purposes.

Generous lover

Women want men who are not selfish, who will pleasure women and guide them to the peak of their orgasm before they reach their own utopia. Men who take pride of pleasuring their women, and not just climb on top, ride, and release. Women want men who can teach them the art of sex, and the beauty of taking and giving pleasure.

Intuitive partner

For some deep-rooted reason, most women find it hard to communicate what they really want done to them in bed. They seem to always expect men to know what to do, and when their sexual partners failed to performed what pleasures them the most, they get disappointed. Women want a sexual partner who is intuitive, who can sense what women say with their bodies what they cannot say in words.

Experimental men

There are women who like a little kinky sex, and it is up to men to figure out what works best. Women like a sexual partner who is not afraid to try new things, to experiment with sex toys and a little spanking. Though most women will not admit it, women like to be dominated and to dominate in bed with careless abandon. They want a man who can strip them of their inhibitions and make them cry in wanton abandon of pleasure.

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