Why women love 50 Shades of Grey

Why women love 50 Shades of Grey

Why women love 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey is a novel by the British author E.L. James published in 2011, and was turned into film in 2015, starred by the beautiful Dakota Johnson and magnetic Jamie Dornan. Both the book and the movie are top-rated and simply marvelous, and both genres are loved by many, especially the women. Women daydreams about meeting their own Christian Grey, about being swept off their feet by the enigmatic character. Women are confused with their feelings of both jealousy and love for Anastasia Steele, and millions of people are hooked to their love story.

Not a BDSM story

Contrary to many negative reviews, 50 Shades of grey is definitely not a story centered on BDSM. It is actually a love story, of how love can transform a person into a better version of themselves, how love can guide a person to forgive the people who emotionally destroyed them, how to embrace the love offered to them without condition, how to risk everything in the name of love, and how two people from two different worlds can fall in love and compromise to live a full and happy life.

Why women love the story of Christian and Anastasia

The idea of a perfect guy

Christian Grey is definitely the most romantic, thoughtful, masculine, generous, attractive, and mysterious character in the whole world. He is a guy that women daydreams about in their childhood, a man that is higher than a prince that women dreams will magically appear and take them away to a fantasy land. Women loves 50 Shades of Grey because Christian is extremely irresistible and if he is food, the demand will be overwhelmingly exceed the supply a million times over.

Reminiscing the first love

The deep, unconditional, and pure love of Anastasia and Christian is so intense, that women are taken back in their thoughts about their own first loves. Love gives happiness and reading and watching 50 Shades of Grey takes women back to a time when they were filled with love in their hearts, and they believe that love can conquer everything.

The secret longing

Many women ill not admit it, but women do secretly love to be like Anastasia. In their wildest, deepest dreams, women fantasize about being spanked, hair pulled from their faces, and basically women’s innermost desires are to be taken in such a pleasurable fore that they can shamelessly abandon their inhibitions and give in to the rides of ecstasy.

Love story

Women love a good love story. And 50 Shades of Grey has it all. Love, sex, family, emotional trauma, action, suspense, and mystery. The story covers it all. Women like to read and watch stories about love, it appeals to their feminine side, and it gives them a feeling of emotional satisfaction in knowing that a love that they have craved for somewhere in their lives exists, even if only in a book and film masterfully created by a great author.

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