Why women love reading erotic novels?

Why women love reading erotic novels?

Erotic literature contains fictional or factual stories about human sexual activities, with the intention of arousing the reader’s curiosity about sex, and triggering arousal of the physical body. Erotic novels are mostly read and enjoyed by women of all ages, for many different reasons.

Why erotic novels appeal to women

Erotic novels are juicy and full of sexual relationships and sexual acts, and women love the feeling they have when reading the sexual novels. Many women have various reasons for patronizing this genre of book, but it all boils down to sensuality, either the lack of it or the abundance of it.

To fire up their sexual desire

Working mothers and wives are often too busy with juggling work and family that they failed to have time to get aroused by their partners. After a couple of months or years together, couples tend to lose their intimacy slowly, the sex gets boring and routine, too many other priorities, and the physical demands of the day can take a toll on a woman’s sexual appetite. Primarily, men cheat on their wives or girlfriends because men are born sexually active, and when their sexual drive is not met by their partners, they often gave in to the temptations of another woman. To prevent this from happening, women will read erotic novels so their sexual appetite will be replenished, and they will have the urge and physical desire to have sex. Erotic novels are designed to trigger sexual pleasure, and this one of the main reasons why women read them.

To get new sexual ideas

Women have secret fantasies to be taken into a world of extreme orgasm, but more often than not, their sexual partners cannot fulfill their desires. Women love to read erotic novels to get new ideas on how to pleasure themselves and their man so they can reach the heaven that they are seeking for. Erotic novels are full of sexual activities and sex positions that women finds interesting. Especially for women who lack the sexual experience to perform tricks in bed, erotic novels are a great way to find new techniques to give and take pleasure in a sexual act.

To escape reality

Because of gender, women are thought from a young age and from tradition to be second to man in all things. Women have been a victim of gender inequality since forever, and even in a world where many women dominates men in the economy, women are still regarded as inferior to men in bed. Women love to read erotic novel so they can escape the reality of their sexual lives. In erotic novels, women can reach the highest peak of their orgasms with sexual partners who have the capability to drive their pleasure into the highest pedestal. In the fantasy world, women can daydream about having a guy in their lives who can make them let go of their shyness, abandon their morals, and just give in to orgasm.

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